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FAQ and Info Page

*All of our puppies are sold as PET ONLY/NO REGISTRATION PAPERS. However, ALL of our dogs are AKC registered!


*Ice Legendz Dachshunds endorses our contract and considers it legally binding for the safety of our puppies.


Furthermore, Ice Legendz Dachshunds reserves the right to return the deposit on any reserved puppy at our discretion if we deem it necessary.


*There is a 4% fee for using square as the company charges me to use their services (This is an additional charge added it is not taken from your total)

*All puppies/adults sold have sales tax of 6.75% added to their total price

*****If you do not like our policies, or do not feel comfortable with how we do things, please do not contact us. We will not change how we do things. We have everything in place for a reason and for the safety of our dogs and our family*****

How does your adoption process work?

**We require a puppy application to be filled out and approved. After that step then a deposit is placed on the puppy of your choice. If we have a current waiting list, deposit holders choose first. Our waiting list can be found on the Waiting List Tab-  Once a deposit is placed, that puppy is reserved for you and will be removed from our web-site. You will then be sent our welcome email. This will cover how the process will work now that you have chosen a puppy. It will include pickup info, your balance, and some other pieces of information. 

What is the price of your puppies?

** Our prices generally range from $2000 and up *subject to change at any time , pricing depends greatly on the line the puppy comes from, and the color/pattern. Our less common colors/patterns are in the higher range. Lower range is the basic colors such as reds & black/tans. We do not charge more for coat type.

How much is your deposit? 

** Our deposits are generally $500 and up, however this is ultimately determined by the price of your puppy. Puppies ready to go now will require a smaller deposit.

How do you accept deposits?

** Google Square is how we take our deposits. (There is a 4% processing fee added to your total- Square charges this fee) It's easy for us to keep track of everyone this way and move through things smoothly. You DO NOT need an account, or an app. It is an invoice that I will email, and you will just pay it like any other online bill.

We have tried other ways, but this works best for us. There are ZERO EXCEPTIONS, so please do not ask. 


How is final payment due?

Cash is the preferred payment of choice on the day of pickup. However, final Payment can be made through google square(again with the 4% fee added), Venmo, or Paypal- this must be done at least 48 hours prior to pick up to give payment time to clear. 


Is there sales tax on your puppies?

** Yes, there is sales tax of 6.75% on all of our puppies/adults sold. This is in ADDITION to the price of your puppy.

Do you have references available?

**Client references are listed on our website under the "HOME" drop down menu. And we also have over 70, 5 star google reviews up on our google listing. 

Do you allow home visits?


** We no longer allow home visits for a number of reasons. The number of breeder murders, thefts and rapes are on the rise. I have read way too many horror stories as of late. A poodle breeder down south was murdered in her kennel and was not found until days later. She was left dead in with her puppies. A Frenchie breeder was robbed, and some of his puppies killed. With this being a severe concern to our family, safety has become my number one priority. 

Also with parvo being such a huge factor this day in age we want to lessen the chances of it being tracked into our home. The lesser amount of feet that comes in, the better. Since our dogs do live inside OUR HOME, NOT a facility, strangers coming in and out of our home stresses my dogs out, in thus stressing us out. Would you let 100's of strangers into your home?


Are you inspected? 

Yes! We are inspected by the AKC. They check the health of our dogs, all of our vet records, and litter records. Where our dogs are kept, and puppies are raised as well as our yard. We are also part of the AKC bred with heart program as well.

We are also pop inspected by our local dog warden. We have always been in compliance! 

AKC Inspection Dates are as follow- 8-3-13, 6-14-16, &  7-22-19. County inspected January of 2023.

Since you don't allow home visits how will I see my puppy?


** We update photos every 2 weeks (this is never set in stone) AND do videos when we can! You will never be left out of the loop on how your puppy is progressing, check in emails are always welcome. I am ALWAYS here to answer all questions during and after the adoption process. I also have an extended family group I created on Facebook for all of my families to post photos, ask questions, etc. I post updates in there, and information. Once you place a deposit you will be added to the group. 

Where are your puppies kept?

**Our puppies are raised in our brand new Nursery. We just finished building our new dog room & nursery in 2021- and I couldn't be more proud of how it turned out. Our puppies are handled daily, and monitored when we are not up there. We have cameras where all of our dogs are located- they are 2 way so I can hear them AND talk to them. There are photos on our web-site of our nursery as well as a video. 


Where are your adults kept?

**All of our adults live in our home we do not keep them in a separate kennel. We turned an entire floor of our home into a 3000 sq ft room just for them. It is complete with our nursery, 2 storage rooms, a grooming/laundry room, and kitchenette. We love our dogs as if they were family and we like for them to be with us daily as a part of our family. Many of them sleep with us at night. Our dogs have a fenced in play yard that they go out in daily, that is nearly half an acre. 



What do your puppies come with?


** Our puppies are vet checked, dew claws removed (IF STATED), wormed accordingly and have their 1st set of vaccinations. They will also come with a goody bag for your puppy (Holidays we go all out!! Extra goodies!) which includes a bed, a blanket, 3 toys, 1 ball, a hoof for chewing, nail clippers, Small bottle of Earthbath Puppy shampoo, 1 pink or blue nylabone, 2 pee pads, poo bags and poo bag holder for your leash, reusable treat jar with a start of all natural treats all made in the USA, small container of food (your puppy has been on this food since they could eat), 1 Free month of Trupanion Health Insurance.

Our puppies come with a 1 yr. health guarantee against life threatening hereditary illnesses/issues (Read more about this in our sales contract). They are ALL treated for ALL intestinal parasites including- worms, giardia & coccidia. Pyrantel for worms at 2,4,6 weeks old. Metronidazole & Fenbendazole for Giardia & Toltrazuril for Coccidia. Our pet pups are sold on spay/neuter contracts with NO REGISTRATION PAPERS. **WE DO NOT SELL TO BREEDERS ANY LONGER, SO PLEASE, DO NOT ASK! This includes any person with the intent to use our pup for breeding at any point of their lives whether it be 1 litter, or more**

Where will I be picking my puppy up?  

Our puppies leave from our home now! We purchased a small building to put on our property to conduct our appointments in. It also doubles as a Boutique for all of you to shop in! I order in most products wholesale so that you can pay less than retail.

We carry food, toys, harnesses (the sizes your puppy will fit in now, and in the future), collars, leashes, bones, crates on occasion, doxie themed merchandise, and lots of other goodies! So please consider supporting our small business for some of your new baby's needs!

We also have farm fresh organic eggs available for purchase as well (Quail & Chicken eggs are usually always available, & depending on the season we may also have turkey, duck, goose, & Guinea eggs. Feel free to ask!) 

Do you do any health testing? 

Many breeders test for PRA-Cord 1. We do not. After much research we have found that This test is not accurate. And until it is, we will be opting to not test for this currently. False results can omit healthy breeding dogs from our program, and even possibly keep affected dogs in our program. When this test is accurate we will then begin testing our dogs.

Do your lines have any back issues or any other health issues?

Currently no- We have had 15 pups reported back to us with IVDD in our 14 yrs of breeding. And our current oldest dogs are 10-16 years old with no issues (they are retired). We have had 1 report of a dog with seizures with no findings on why, and 1 (a line we no longer have) that has epilepsy, however, that has not been fully linked to being hereditary. Those are the only REPORTED issues to us in our breeding career. We try to keep a close relationship with our clients. Also, a lot of our lines we have bred at least 3 generations, and some we are going into our 11th generation, all bred by us.

When can my puppy come home?


** Our puppies do not leave our care until a minimum of 8 weeks of age- THERE IS NO EXCEPTIONS to this. We do Saturday pickups, so if your puppy turns 8 weeks on a Monday-Friday date they will go home that following Saturday. In some cases if I feel a puppy needs to stay longer I will hold them until I feel they are ready to leave my care. If you need a different date, please, let us know right away.

When can I plan a pick up date?

**Pick up dates are posted in the information on ALL of our available puppy pages, and photo albums on Facebook & In your welcome email. The date posted will be the scheduled pick up date. This will give you time to plan ahead of time. Pickup time is always in the afternoon on the date listed. Pickups are done at our Vet listed on our website. Please confirm that this date works for you when you place your deposit. DO NOT book NON REFUNDABLE flights, or hotels!!! Sometimes things arise, and pickup dates may change. So please make sure when booking these types of things, that they ARE refundable. 

What if the pickup date listed does not work for me?

**IF the listed pickup date does not work for you I need to be notified immediately. Every additional week that we have to hold your puppy it will be a $100 boarding fee to continue care of your puppy. I may not always be able to hold puppies past their scheduled pickup day, so PLEASE be sure to notify me PRIOR to placing your deposit to confirm.

Do you ship or transport your puppies?


** Due to USDA laws we no longer can offer shipping. However, you can fly into our airport and I can meet you there with your puppy. This costs almost as much as air shipping. WE DO NOT MEET anywhere but the airport. It is $150 for me to meet at the Pittsburgh airport or $100 to mee at the Cleveland airport. That covers tolls, gas & my time. 

What do you feed? 


**Fromm Gold- Puppy formula, & Fromm Gold- Adult (black bag) however you can do the small breed purple bag if you'd like. They do not offer it in a large bag so It isn't economic for us to feed that formula. Click this link to see what the bags look like and to locate a shop near you that sells it.


What treats do you recommend? 


** We feed only fresh fruits and veggies as treats. With so many recalls nowadays we want to keep this risk low. AND they love it! BUT When/if we do, we buy ONLY natural and made in the USA treats. We have many of what we use here on our supply page.

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