Our Doxies Play Yard!

We wanted to share with everyone our Doxies play yard. Everyone goes out here to play, romp, and just lounge around. We enjoy hanging out with our furry kids!

Out Front, I sit on the bench and watch them play!

Their ramp goes up to the porch where their water is, and the outside furniture to lounge on.

This is their ramp I had built for them. I added outdoor carpet for traction. 

The side run to get outback- they run up and down this!   I wish I could say the rocks stayed in the run, haha!

I found this tunnel on Amazon, and they just love it!! It is located in the back portion of their yard. 

They love their slide!   I also  found this on amazon.  

And what dog yard   doesn't need fire extinguishers?! We have 2 of these located in their yard. And yep, the boys use them!

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