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Wonka the Goofy One...


Lexi's Wonka & The Golden Ticket at TSD 


Solid Chocolate Dapple Smooth

(Genetically Cream Pointed)

Weight: 13.9 lbs.

Carries: Dilute, Piebald, & Long Hair



My Willy Wonky.. Wonk Wonk, Wonkers... he is such a goofy, happy go lucky dog! He never has a bad day. You could walk away, come back 15 seconds later and he will STILL be overjoyed to see you.  He cracks me up- he sits up like a gofer and will wave at you. You wave back and then he will wave back again. His personality is so sweet, mild mannered and just an all around sweet boy- and man is he striking to look at too! He loves to play with our other dogs, but loves to just snuggle on the couch too. We hope he passes on his sweet demeanor to his puppies!


Wonka's Mom, Rabbit

Cream Wild Boar Dapple Smooth


Wonka's Dad Payne

Solid Isabella Long Hair

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