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Waverly the Smiley One...


TSD's, Waverly's Touch of Blue Magic MLBBC


Blue Based Cream Long Hair

Weight: 13 lbs 

Carries: Piebald, & Chocolate



 Wavy, Waves, Waverly, our beautiful happy girl! She has carried on the happiness gene in this line from her mom and grandma. Waverly full out smiles, and just cracks me up! She is always in the best mood, even in labor she happily wags her tail. Waverly is the most unique girl, I know you must be thinking, no way in that tiny pup in the beginning of the photos the same dog, but it is! Took a bit to figure out exactly what she was going to look like when she grew up, but here she is! We are so happy to have Waverly carry on this lines Legacy.

She carries on this line as the 6th generation. 


Waverly's Mom Kennedy,

Cream Long Hair

Waverly's Dad Lancelot,

Isabella & Cream Dapple Piebald Long Hair


Kennedy's Mom, Zahri

Black/Tan Wire Hair. Dad Gage, Red Dapple Smooth.


Lance's Parents. Red Dapple Long Hair & Chocolate/Tan Piebald Long Hair.

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