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Below is where you will sign up for waiting list notifications. Our general waiting list  requires no deposit, however, it is not sent out a whole lot. If you would like priority position on our list, a $200 deposit is required, that deposit will go toward the price of your puppy once you have chosen one. Deposit holders will be placed in order in which deposit was received, and then in order of what everyone wants specifically. 



PRICES- Our prices start at $1500 and go up from there. 

Please click below to sign up for our waiting lists! 

General Waiting List

Priority Waiting List

-Priority Waiting List Deposit Holders-

We have first pick of ALL Litters regardless of a deposit!

*Names on this list has deposits in place*

Smooth Coat Deposits

1. Kristina P.- Dapple Male (7/21)

2. Janesa M.- Female- Wonka baby OR a wildboar (8/2)

Long Coat Deposits

1. Matthew S.- Female Dapple (3/28)

2. Ava G. - Dapple (6/6)

3. David S.- (8/2- 1st)

4. Jason G.- Dapple (8/2- 2nd)

5. Amanda B. - Dapple Female (8/22)


Wire/Silky Wire Hair Deposits


OPEN Deposits (Open to Coat Type or Pattern)

1. Breanna C. - Blue/Cream, or Blue/cream dapple Or Isabella (6/14)

2. Ally S.- 2 Puppies (9/9)

3. Anne J.- OPEN (9/9)

4. Anne W.- Long Hair or Silky Male (9/14)

Specific Litter Waiting List Deposits

1. Katie P.- Quin/Blayde (1st Pick) 7/25

2. Niki A. -Waverly/Wonka (1st Pick) 7/29

3. Michael N.- Quin/Blayde (2nd Pick) 8/15

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