Trinket our Statuesque One...


 TSD's My Keepsake Trinket MSDP

Solid Isabella Dapple Piebald Smooth

Weight: 16 lbs

Carries: Blue, Cream, Chocolate & e Gene


Trinket is just as sweet as she is gorgeous. She goes by many nicknames such as, twinkie, twinks, & trinky. She is a super loving dog that is happy to be close to her people. She is fairly laid back and can often be found burrowed into the blankets. She loves nothing more than to run around outside in our yard playing with the other dogs. 

Trinket was born here! 5th Generation
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Trinket's Mom, Posy

Chocolate Piebald Smooth

Trinket's Dad, Gage

Red Dapple Smooth

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