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Talon, the Baby...


Ice Legendz The Power of Talon MS
Cream Brindle Smooth
Weight: 10 lbs.

Carries: Dilute, & Chocolate


Sweet little Talon, he is definitely the baby of my boys. His feelings are hurt very easily and will seek a lap to cuddle in for "forgiveness" (which usually he is scolded for humping all the girls, hahaha!). He is an extremely active, outgoing boy that loves to romp with the other dogs. Talon is a little guy, but don't let that fool you! He won't hesitate to try and show the boys that "he's a big boy too". Talon reminds us so much of his mom (and dad) with his sweet disposition, gentle eyes, and kind soul. He got the best of both of his parents!


Talon's Mom, Evie
Black & Tan Smooth

Talon's Dad, Hudson
Red Brindle Dapple Long Hair

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