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Ruin was born here!


TSD's Emerging from the Ruins MSBD
 Cream Brindle Dapple Smooth
Weight: 10 lbs 
Carries: Long Hair, Chocolate, Piebald, Dilute, e Gene & Points


Roo Roo- the sweetest girl there ever was! Ruin was born on my 2nd eldest nieces Birthday. I was originally naming her Ren (my nieces name is Lauren) after my niece, but over time her name transformed. As Ruin grew she started to talk to us. She would get so excited and go "Roooo!" I would say to her, what little Roooo? I would say, are you Roooin to me? So alas, that is how her name was born. To this day she still talks to us, and remains one of the sweetest dogs! Ruin is a gentle dog, with a little sass. She does great with all of our pack, but wont hesitate to tell someone she had enough. Roo seems to prefer the company of humans over other dogs, although she does love her doggy friends. 


Ruin's Mom, Quin
Red Brindle Piebald Smooth


Ruin's Dad, Blayde
Black & Cream Dapple Smooth


Quin's Mom, Kimber
Cream Smooth

Quin's Dad, Beowulf
Red Brindle Smooth

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