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  Ice Legendz Captain Rackham of the Kingston MS
 Blue & Cream Brindle Smooth
Weight: 9 lbs 
Carries: Piebald, Chocolate, & e Gene


Our little Rack attack! He is so full of life, always happy, and just loves to be alive. He is careless, happy go lucky demeanor is contagious. You can't help but be happy and smile when you're around him. Rackham had an eye infection very early on as a puppy. Long before his eyes opened- so his eye didn't get to fully develop. It doesn't slow him down one bit and doesn't bother him. And no, it cannot be passed down to his puppies.

Rackham is 9th generation!

Rackham's Mom, Havana
Chocolate & Cream Dapple Long Hair

Rackham's Dad, Thunder
Blue & Tan Brindle Smooth

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