Our Beautiful Matriarchs and Patriarchs

Our "Retirees" That reside with us! 

Our beautiful Daisy started it all! She was our 1st Dachshund. She is loving life being a lazy couch potato. Daisy is 100% a momma's girl, and has "conversations" with me daily and she is definitely the Queen Bee around here. Daisy is the 1st girl in one of our longest running lines. She is our Lilo and Ohana's great great grandma, and Mischief's Grandma!

Daisy is a Red Dapple long hair standard

Daisy was born December 30th, 2007

Logan was our 1st male Dachshund. He and Daisy had our 1st litter born in 2009. He is 11 years old this year and will STILL play ball all day long! Logan is the resident grump, but you will still find him playing with the youngsters when they just insist on his paying him mind. Now that he is older you will usually find him burrowed under his blankets next to the heat vent.

Logan is an ee Red Hidden Brindle Smooth Standard

Logan was born April 20th, 2008

This sweet girl is our Lacey. She came from a kennel going out of business. We adopted her when she was 4 yrs old and vowed we would be her final stop, her furever family. She now happily sleeps on  a memory foam pillow between our heads with our other bed hogs. She is our oldest dog, but still has tons of spunk in her!

Lacey is an Isabella and Tan Smooth mini.

Update- Our sweet Lacey passed away on 12/16/19 after a short battle with heart failure. Her best friend Belle, misses her dearly, as do we. 

December 21st, 2006 - December 16th, 2019

Our sweet Belle also came to us as an adult. We adopted her only months after we got Lacey. Lacey and Belle are a bonded pair. Where you find one girl, you will find the other. Belle is right behind Lacey for our oldest dog status, and again you would never guess it. Belle has given us a couple scares with fluke health issues, but she always pulls through, and is now on a special diet. She is a very sweet natured dog that loves nothing more than to take a nap in bed lol. Belle also started our longest running line that we have now bred into its 8th generation!

Belle is a Black & Tan Dapple Smooth Standard

Belle was born July 20th, 2007

Caleb also came to us as an adult about 5 yrs ago. He is a sweet boy that loves a good nap. He is now almost completely blind at 10 years old but he still gets around well! He doesn't like the youngins too much, but he tolerates them. Caleb is very much my husbands dog. He follows him around, and will often be found standing up on his leg begging for a fruit or veggie treat. 

Caleb is a Cream Dapple Long Hair Mini

Caleb was born May 11th, 2009

My darling Snow is our youngest "pet". She was from an accidental breeding we had several years ago, but turns out to be the best mistake I have ever made. Although she has never had puppies she will forever remain with us as a Matriarch. Snow is deaf and has 1 malformed eye, but sees very well. She is a healthy happy 3 yr old! She sleeps in either my arms or my husbands arms every single night. She is 100% our heart dog. (**Side note- NEVER breed a dapple to a dapple- the results are Snow. Blind, deaf, and eye malformations. WE NEVER purposefully breed for Double Dapples)

Snow is Caleb's daughter!

Snow is a Black & Cream/Tan Double Dapple Piebald Long Hair- We did DNA testing to determine her color/pattern since she is completely white.

Snow was born March 24th, 2016

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