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  Ice Legendz Royal Blue Dynasty SL 
 Blue & Tan Dapple Long Hair
Weight: 20 lbs 
Carries: Cream & Possibly Piebald, Chocolate, & e Gene


I think Dynasty is one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever produced. She started off life being a rule breaking trouble maker! She caused her mama to need a c-section! She was a whopping 11.6 oz at birth, which is very rare for a dachshund pup to be that large as a general size for them at birth is 5-8 oz. Dyna is a shy girl, laid back, but LOVES to play and romp with the other dogs. She very much enjoys being outside. We adore this beauty queen!


Dynasty's Mom, Nova
Blue Smooth

Dynasty's Dad, Pixel
Black & Cream Dapple Long Hair

Nova's Mom, Izabailey

Isabella/Tan Long Hair

Nova's Dad, Newman

Black Brindle Dapple Piebald Smooth

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