Deposit/Waiting List Requirements and Amounts are Listed Below

Deposit amounts vary depending on the price of the puppy you are purchasing. Contact me for the amount you need to place. Deposits start at $300. You can make your deposit through Square (preferred method), or google wallet (no fee)- which is debit ONLY, no credit cards. If you need to use a credit card, you will have to use Square. 4% charge for fees is applied for square. 


Deposit Refunds

Under no circumstance do we refund deposits. Deposits are transferable only and do not expire. Transfers are done IN FULL if you are a waiting list customer and we do not have the puppy of your choice in the litter you were waiting on. If you back out of a puppy and I do not get original asking price, your deposit will be added to the amount that I had to reduce the puppy to. If the deposit is not enough to make up for the amount lost, you will not be eligible for a transfer. This is happening too often and pups are being backed out on a week or 2 before pick up. Transfers are only good for 6 months! After that they are null and void, unless we did not have any pups available in that 6 month period of time.

Waiting List Deposits

Waiting list deposits are $200 and will go to the price of your puppy. Addition deposit will be required to hold your puppy when your choice is made. Waiting list deposits expire 6 months from the date that we have what you were looking for and choose to wait. If we DO NOT have what you want in that time period your deposit will not expire yet. 


Final Payment Options

Final payment can be made by cash or by credit card through square (this will need to be done at least 48 hrs in advance).


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