Dandelion the Fluffy One...


Lexi's- Dandelions Make a Wish at Ice Legendz MW


Chocolate Based ee Cream Silky Wire

Weight: 9 lbs 

Carries: Possibly Dilute, & Piebald.

She could also be a hidden Wild Boar


Dandelion FLUFF! One of my clients came up with her amazing name when I was asking for ideas. And it couldn't be more perfect! This girl is an absolute hoot. She is full of the goofy wire personality, but also has some of the demeanor from the long hairs. She is a little girl, but full of sass. When you talk to her, she is always sure to talk back and tell you all about her day. We are beyond thrilled to have this girl from our good friend Katie, in Wisconsin! 

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Dande's Mom, Rowena

Cream WildBoar Piebald Silky

Dande's Dad, Asmodeus

Chocolate Based Cream Long

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