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This contract must be signed before any Dog leaves my care.  If you do not agree to this contract please do not contact us regarding the adoption of one of our Dogs.
If you decide to purchase one of our Dogs this will be signed at the time of pickup.



Ice Legendz Dachshunds

Owner/Breeder: Tara Wilson

Adult/Older Pup Adoption Contract


Seller certifies that this puppy/dog is a purebred Dachshund, from a registered litter with the American Kennel Club (AKC) or Continental Kennel Club (CKC). Said dog has been examined by a licensed veterinarian PRIOR to date of sale, blood work, spay/neuter, dental have been completed and all shots are CURRENT. This dog is of good health and free of communicable diseases. Buyer assumes full responsibility (100%) of all costs and care of the dog after sale and during the span of Buyer’s ownership: vet bills, testing, housing, food, and medicine, etc.)


Contact Agreement

I have had contact issues with previous puppy buyers so this agreement is being added for the safety of my puppies. I am a breeder that likes to keep contact with all puppy buyers. I do have very strict agreements that come with purchasing one of my sweet babies. I ask that you keep some type of contact with me the entire life of said puppy/dog. I request photos every now and then to see that my pups are healthy and are being well taken care of and that you are abiding by my terms of agreement. If you do not respond to my phone calls or emails legal action may be taken. If you move I require that you contact me with your new address as AKC requires me to keep all puppy owners information UTD. If you do not agree to this then please let me know prior to purchasing a puppy, if a deposit is placed on the puppy and you later decide you do not want to agree to my terms of sale (as stated on my site) you WILL NOT be refunded.


Future Re homing

Buyer agrees that if the time arises that Buyer can no longer provide a home for the puppy/dog, the Seller will be contacted. Seller is offered first chance of taking the dog back or you can let me find a new home that I approve of for the said dog/puppy, it will be breeder choice. This policy is in place to help ensure no puppy/dog goes to a shelter or into the hands of an irresponsible pet owner. Once signed this contract is binding and enforceable in court. Buyer agrees that all disputes shall be settled in the state of Ohio under the Mahoning County jurisdiction.



Deposits are NEVER refundable. No cash refunds will be given for any reason. If you choose to back out of a sale you are forfeiting all monies paid. If for some reason said adult does not work out you will have the option to another dog of equal value. OR the money may be placed toward a puppy of your choice.



Spay and Microchip have been completed- Microchip is to remain in the seller’s name.


Name Changes

We are requiring all of our adults to NOT be renamed after leaving us. We have found that changing their name makes the transition confusing, and much more difficult. We understand that this is a new pet and you would like to choose a name. However, we do ask that you keep their given name that they are accustomed to. If a name is a deal breaker, we encourage you to adopt a puppy that you can teach a new name to without confusion.


Medical Agreement

Buyer agrees that any major medical decisions will be discussed with the breeder prior to any decisions being made that will affect the life of the dog. Buyer agrees that they WILL NOT under any circumstance euthanize said dog without consulting the breeder first. If buyer decides to euthanize, breeder has the right to take over all medical care and take back possession of the dog if said breeder & their veterinarian feels euthanasia is not the right decision. By signing this contract buyer is allowing any and all vet records for said dog to be released to said breeder should there be any major medical issues to arise. This clause is in place because it is extremely important for us to track any and all medical issues in our lineage to ensure the health of our future dogs and puppies.



Seller is ALWAYS available to all of their clients to handle any issue that may arise. The buyer, and all associated with them, agree to never slander the Breeder in public forums, Facebook, twitter, websites, or any internet written media. Buyer agrees to contact the breeder privately with any concerns or issues which may arise to avoid lawsuit or slander.


**Please remember, dogs are LIVING creatures, not an inanimate object. There are imperfections in everything! However, we strive to provide everyone with pets that we think are “perfect” to us! We will stand by all of our babies! Our references and Vet will atone to that. **

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