Amelia, Her Mom's Twin...


TSD's Adventures of Amelia Badelia MW


Shaded Cream Silky Wire

Weight: 10.10 lbs.

Carries: Long Hair, Piebald, Chocolate, e gene & Dilute

Amelia was born here!


Amelia is her momma made over in so many ways. She is super happy go lucky just like Ivory. She and her mom are best of friends. When her mom was spayed she stayed close to her side. Amelia is from Ivory's very last litter. We are so lucky to have this beautiful spunky girl. She gets along great with everyone here, making it more than easy to love her that much more!

*Amelia is 6th generation for us! Belle is her Great-Great- Great Grandmother!*

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Amelia's Mom, Ivory

ee Cream Silky Wire

Ivory's Mom, Zahri

Black & Cream Wire

Ivory's Dad, Aero

Chocolate & Tan Long Hair

Amelia's Dad, Moonshine

Blue Based Red Pie Smooth

Moonshine's Mom, Envy

Blue Based Cream Smooth

Moonshine's Dad, Wolf

Chocolate & Tan Dapple Long Hair

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