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Utopia the Show Stopper...


Parracino's Utopian Paradise at TSD ML


Black & Cream Dapple Long Hair

Weight: 18 lbs 

Carries: Chocolate, Dilute & Possibly Piebald



Oh my, my. What can I say other than this girl is a show stopper! She takes my breath away daily, I still can't believe she is mine! She has the personality to match her looks. She is a bit of a loner, enjoying just laying on the cool hard wood floors. She will play with the other dogs, but does enjoy just observing their antics from afar. She is my shadow, following me pretty much anywhere. Topi has a goofy side as well, she isn't afraid of the vacuum or broom, she likes for me to play "Im gonna get you" with the broom, and sticks her nose in the vacuum hose while im cleaning. She is truly a once in a lifetime dog.

Utopia's mom Serenity, Cream Dapple Long Hair
Utopia's Dad Dynamo,
Blue & Cream Long Hair
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