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Sugar the Smiley One...

Sugar was born here!


Ice Legendz Gimme Some Sugar MS
 Isabella Based ee Cream Smooth
Weight: 11 lbs.
Carries: Long Hair, Chocolate, & Piebald

About Sugar

Sugar bum, Sugar Butt, Shoogey- just a few of her nicknames. Her name fits her well. Sugar is as sweet as can be. She is 100% her mothers daughter on the scale of affection. She is most happy completely in your face giving kisses, and receiving kisses. Sugar is always happy, and enjoys playing with the younger dogs. Sugar is also known for her smile- she always looks like she is smiling when she looks at you. Her pups tend to have the same sweet nature about them.


Sugar's Mom- Leia
Isabella & Cream Smooth
Leia's Mom- Meeka
Chocolate & Tan Dapple Long Hair
Sugar's Dad- Davinci
Blue & Tan Dapple Piebald Long Hair
Davinci's Mom & Dad
Leia's Dad- Nikolai
Black & Cream Smooth
Leia's Grandma
Chocolate & Tan Dapple
Leia's Grandpa
ee Cream Long Hair
Leia's Grandma- Jubilee
Black & Cream Smooth
Leia's Grandpa- Whiskey
Solid Blue Dapple Smooth
Leia's Great Grandparents
Leia's Great Grandma- Ella
Black & Tan Dapple Long Hair
Leia's Great Grandpa- Domino
Black & Cream Smooth
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