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Pixel, the Stoic One...


Lexi's 3D Pixelation at Ice Legendz
Black & Cream Dapple Long Hair
Weight: 13 lbs.

Carries: Dilute, e gene, & Piebald


Pixel is one of the most regal dogs I have ever seen. As well as one of the calmest doxies. He rarely barks, and is rather laid back. He does still love to run and romp with the other dogs when they're outside playing, but will just as quickly wanna take a nap, LOL! Pixel is a great boy with an awesome disposition that he seems to pass on to his puppies. 


Pixel's Mom, Abby
Blue Shaded Cream Dapple
Long Hair

Pixel's Dad, Crowley
Black & Cream Long Hair

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