Our Mischief Maker...


TSD's Nana's Little Mischief Maker ML


Black & Cream Hidden Dapple Long Hair

Weight: 13 lbs. 

Carries: Chocolate, Dilute, e Gene

& Piebald

Mischief was born here! 3rd Generation


Mischief was born on my nana's Birthday, so I knew I had to incorporate that somehow into her name. Little did I know, this name was truly invented just for her lol Mischief is a rotten dog that cracks me up. She is definitely a true doxie with a bark to match. She is full of life, LOVES to play with the other dogs and instigate all of the shenanigans! Mischief comes from my very first line making her 3rd generation, although this line has been bred past that. Mischief is from our Lily's final litter before she retired. 

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Mischief's Mom, Lily

Red Brindle Dapple Smooth

Mischief's Dad, Moonshine

Blue Based Red Piebald Smooth

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