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Minx the Gentle One...


Frostdox Coy Little Minx at TSD
 Cream Sable Long Hair
Weight: 13 lbs 
Carries: Chocolate


Our sweet Minxy, there is no dog like her. She is the most gentle, sweet, loving dog. I swear she does not have one mean bone in her entire chubby little body. She is always happy, I don't think she has ever had a "bad day". She loves life, and you can see that when you look at her. She is my shadow, she loves to give my feet and legs a bath at bedtime. And when she isn't near me you can find her chewing a hoof or chew grenade.


Minx's Mom, 

Black & Cream Long Hair

Minx's Dad, 

Cream (Genetically Sable)

Long Hair

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