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Miles the Love Bug...



RW's I'd Walk a Thousand Miles for You at TSD


Chocolate Based Cream Smooth 

Weight: 17.8 lbs.

Carries: Dilute


Miles... oh Miles. He is one of the loves of my life. I adore him to the moon and back. He is such a LOVING dog and so trusting. He has the best personality of any of my males and that is saying something since I think highly of all of my boys. Miles will full on hug you and rub his head on you like a cat. He will jump from the top porch step right into my arms without hesitation. Miles LOVES to play ball! You will often find him hoarding all of the balls in the yard lol I am so beyond happy to have this handsome lug. 

Miles' Mom- Bonnie

Blue & Cream Smooth

Miles' Dad- Teddy

Cream Dapple Smooth

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