Sweet Marli...


TSD's Marli's Great Escape MW


Cream Wire Hair

Weight: 11 lbs 

Carries: Long Hair, Piebald, Dilute, & Chocolate

Marli was born here!


Mar Mar, Marli Mars, Mars- she knows them all! She is the epitome of a wire hair, with a very happy go lucky disposition. Marli is a complete joy, even when she is barking haha! She loves to run and play outside with everyone else. Even though she is smaller for one of our home bred dogs, she doesn't take any crap from the bigger dogs. 

Marli's mom, Bindi

Cream Brindle Wire

Marli's dad, Davinci

Blue & Tan Dapple Piebald Long Hair


Bindi's mom, Echo

Red Long Hair

Bindi's Dad, Jasper

Cream Brindle Piebald Wire