{Planned Litters for 2020}


I am entitled to pick of ANY and ALL litters I produce regardless of the waiting list! These pairings can CHANGE, these are just plans as of right now, nothing is set in stone until they are bred! Some of these litters will more than likely be skipped depending on who comes into season at once. So check our Expectant litters page to see who is expecting.

Tuesday x Blayde
Due in Season February - March
Charlotte x Zen
Due in Season May - June
Charm x Thunder
Due in Season April - May
Waverly x Blayde
Due in Season June- July
True x Jaxson
Due in Season June- July
Quin x Hudson
Due in Season June- July
Minx x Wonka
Due in Season June- July
Marli x Duncan 
Due in Season July - August
Chanel x Duncan
Due in Season June- July
Trinket x Zen
Due in Season June - August
Holiday x Zen
Due in Season June - August
Sugar x Wonka
Due in Season August - September
Utopia x Gus
Due in Season August
Nova x Wonka
Due in Season November
Pepper x DaVinci
Due in Season September - November
Legacy x Jaxson
Due in Season September - November

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