Leia the Fun One...

Leia was born here!



TSD's Leia's Fields of Lilac & Ivory


Isabella & Cream Smooth

Weight: 14 lbs.

Carries: Long Hair, Chocolate, Piebald, & e Gene

About Leia

Stunning Leia is ALL puppy. This girl has the spirit of a pup, just loving life. She plays with everyone, any dog that will play with her, is a friend. I love her carefree spirit and expressive eyes. She reminds me so much of her mom, Meeka. She has striking emerald eyes, and a beautiful cream undercoat. She was also our first isabella and cream!


Leia's Mom- Meeka
Chocolate & Tan Dapple Long Hair
Leia's Dad- Nikolai
Black & Cream Smooth
Leia's Grandma
Chocolate & Tan Dapple
Leia's Grandpa
ee Cream Long Hair
Leia's Grandma- Jubilee
Black & Cream Smooth
Leia's Grandpa- Whiskey
Solid Blue Dapple Smooth
Leia's Great Grandparents
Leia's Great Grandma- Ella
Black & Tan Dapple Long Hair
Leia's Great Grandpa- Domino
Black & Cream Smooth