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Joy, the Joyful one...



TSD's The Joy of New Beginnings MW


Black Dapple Silky Wire

Weight: 11.4 lbs 

Carries: Long Hair, Chocolate, Cream, Piebald

& Possibly Dilute

Joy was born here!


Sweet baby Joy Joy! The moment she was born I knew she was mine. When I found out she was a silky wire, I was even more excited! Silkies just have the personality of no other! And Joy, is no exception. She is the happiest little girl, with her tail always wagging! Joy loves to run and play outside, and tries to make friends with anyone that will play with her. 

 Joy is also 6th generation! 


Joy's Mom, Fayth

Black & Tan Piebald Silky Wire

Joy's Dad, Wonka

Chocolate Dapple Smooth

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