Ireland the Baby...


Londox Ireland's Golden Lucky Charm at TSD ML


Cream Brindle Long Hair

Weight: 15 lbs 

Carries: e Gene, & Chocolate


My sweet Ireland, she has my heart. This girls sweet brown eyes just melt my heart. She LOVES to be held like a little baby, and will stay like that as long as you will hold her. I don't think she has a mean bone in her entire body, such a gentle soul full of love. She NEVER barks, which is a feat for a doxie, LOL! She is one of our forever dogs, that I can never part with. She is also Snow's best friend, they are always together, 2 peas in a pod! Ireland sleeps in bed with us every night on her back, she is truly a once in a lifetime dog! 

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Ireland's Dad, Romeo

Chocolate Based ee Cream Long

*We were not given a pic of her Mom*

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