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Holiday our Drama Queen...



TSD's Patchwork of Holiday Memories SS


Black & Cream Dapple Smooth

Weight: 16 lbs 

Carries: Chocolate, possibly e Gene and dilute


Holiday is 5th generation for us! Her line begins with Daisy (see her on our retired page). Holli is a hilarious dog that is all about the dramatics. When she wants attention, you will know it. If she stubs a toe, you will know it LOL! She is a sweet girl, that is just as beautiful. She is still very puppy like, loving to run and play with the dogs that are younger than her. She reminds us a LOT of her great grandma Lily- she is built exactly like her and has a lot of her facial features. 


Holiday's Mom, Cricket

Chocolate Dapple Smooth

Holiday's Dad, Theo

Cream Long Hair

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