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Havana the ear chewer...


TSD's Sweet Havana Nights ML


Chocolate & Cream Dapple Long Hair

Weight: 15.1 lbs.

Carries: Dilute, Piebald

Havana was born here!



Oh Havana- she is our little weirdo, and we mean that in a good way. There is no other dog in this house with a personality like hers. She will literally stop and drop for belly rubs, wags her entire butt, and her favorite past time is chewing everyone's ears... which that, drives me insane LOL! Nothing like a soggy ear wiping across your leg or face, HA! She loves life, and LOVES to play in the yard where you are sure to see her tongue dragging the ground. 

*Havana is 8th generation for us! Belle is her Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother!*


Havana's Mom, Shandy

Cream Dapple Piebald Silky Wire

Havana's Grandma, Summer

Black & Cream Piebald Silky Wire

Havana's Grandpa, Gage

Red Dapple Smooth


Havana's Dad, Jaxson

Chocolate & Cream Long Hair

Havana's Great Grandma, Ivory

ee Cream Silky Wire

Havana's Great-Great Grandma, Zahri

Black & Tan Wire

Havana's Great-Great Grandpa, Aero

Chocolate & Tan Long Hair

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