Fayth, the Goofy One...


Martin's & Tsd's Our Fayth Has Been Restored


Black & Tan Piebald Silky Wire

Weight: 13 lbs.

Carries: Long Hair, Chocolate, & Dilute


Fayth's photos describes her in a nut shell. She is always happy, outgoing and full of life. When she is outside she is running full force with her tongue flapping. We just adore her happy disposition, and LOVE that she is a very mild barker. Which we all know is a rarity with this breed! She has the perfect balance of the temperaments on long hairs and wire hairs. Truly nothing like a silky wire!!

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Fayth's Mom, Frappe

Black & Tan Wire Hair

(Fayth's grandma was born here!)

Fayth's Dad, Jax

Black & Tan Smooth

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