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Charm the Gofer...



TSD's You've Charmed my Heart ML


Red Based Solid Isabella Dapple Long Hair

Weight: 18 lbs 

Carries: Cream, & Piebald


If I could have dreamt up the world's most perfect dog, she would be it. Charm is one of the most pure, gentle, sweet, most devoted dogs I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Charm is a stunning dog with the most piercing blue eyes. The moment she was born I knew she was mine. Little did I know she would go beyond any expectations I could have possibly had. One of Charms quirks is standing on her hind legs like a gopher and waving. Every single night at bedtime she sits perched up on my foot for chest rubs. My husband affectionately calls her Coffee girl as her blue eyes wide open makes her look like she is hyped up on caffeine bahaha! 

 Charm is a once in a lifetime dog and will be with me forever. Charm is 5th generation of Belle's line and 4th generation of Lacey's line. Trinket & Charm are full sisters- Charm being the older sister.


Charm's mom, Posy.

Solid Chocolate Pie Smooth

Charm's Dad, Gage.

Red Dapple Smooth

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